Marou: Wasyl – special edition

I’m as big a fan of Wasyl’s amazing dedicated adapters as anyone (perhaps the biggest fan?). I have accumulated 7 of them and I like to customize them a bit to make them feel personal to me.

I thought I’d post some pictures of one of my Wasyl Ultralights with concave handle that I’ve done some work to. I sanded the base and painted it the same color as the Quest 2 LED ring. Then I added some little fillers here and there (Bondo) and sanded it again with super fine grit sandpaper. Painted it again and added a couple of more colors and also a handle-lens insert.

I also painted some other graphic elements on there in the various colors. Quite a bit of work, but I like how it turned out. I don’t know if you can read the graphics inside the handle-lens, but it says“ Marou VR11 – Wasyl Ultralight V.II“. I was being very careful to tape of all electronic elements when I was sanding and painting, so it still works perfectly.

But, yes, I’m aware I covered up the screws, so if it stops working I kinda have to break through it to fix it. Hopefully that doesn’t happen anytime soon