Donjaime: Wasyl – short review

I am now a proud owner of a wasyl adapter. I assisted with caliper measurements for a good anatomic handle based on a Harimoto ALC anatomic. And @wasyl00 modeled it Perfectly! I wanted realism and not ultralight, so wasyl added metal discs inserted inside the frame. It’s seemless and so so slick.

This thing is absolutely amazing. The immersion factor went up so much more than I thought it would. I had no idea how different it would feel moving from a sanlaki. From the haptics. To the fact that I can grip it properly for pendulum serves now. And I swear somehow the tracking is better too. Maybe via the ring position? It’s also very solid feeling since there is nothing to wiggle.

@carrotstien honestly this is the controller that will make the best first impression on TT pros and celebrities IRL trying the game for the first time. Especially now that he has the ability to dial in realistic weight and balance. If you have a demo kit you send to people like Timo. This should feature.